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I love these places!

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The Attractions at Frightmore

The Crypt

Voids exist in this world where sinful transgressions have carved a yawning incision in the fabric of the Underworld, where sinister entities have reign. Such places are damned; hellacious, unsettling chambers where no mortal should loose their way. Enter now, if you dare, into the Frightmore estate. Trapped in a war between the fallen and fleshlings, the Frightmore estate is chosen for the battleground, a place where the shroud is thin, a place where the gates between worlds lay agape. After a millenium and a half, the inhuman Jebidiah Van Frightmore has returned to herald the coming calamity on earth and to ensure that we're all invited to supper!


Ezra, now haunted by what can not be unseen or heard, retreats to his reclusive and nightmarish ways in the service of the local pshchiatric ward away from prying eyes. He has been compared to an urban legend, a living harbinger of death.

Caution: the grid is down, patients in control and contact has been lost! His medieval devices extracts the essence of evil hunger from the fleshling mind and then rings the dinner bell! Once he coaxes the lumbering, yet cunning, predators  from the deepest recesses of a patient's mind… nuturing them… "curing our patients of their ailments"!

Or preserve the twisted and insatiable freaks for further study…  Enter now into his sadistic domain in your quest for the truth. Will you unearth the answers to your questions in his hideously disfigured pets, or will he gleen the answers within your cranium or chest cavity?