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Cleaning Carpets Can Help You Sell Your House.

Selling your house is tough work, and getting prepared to sell can seem like an unending parade of work and renovation. You might start with your kitchens; perhaps put in new cabinets and cupboards, refinish the kitchen bench top, change over to gas cooking, put in new flooring, and more. Then it might be the bathroom’s turn; new mirror, new shower and bathtub, new coat of paint and flooring.

On and on it goes. You re-paint the insides and outsides, you landscape the backyard, your bedrooms get remodelled, perhaps you knock down a wall to introduce more space. You are doing a lot of work, you’re putting in a lot of money, and finally you’re ready to sell.

The prospective buyer enters through the front door (recently re-painted, of course), and you’re excited to see what they think of all your efforts. They step into your living room, frown and wrinkle their nose, and immediately you know something’s not right. You continue showing them around the house, but you can tell that nothing you are doing is working. They are not interested, and they leave, still not interested.

What happened? You sit down on your couch, take off your shoes and put your feet on the carpet. And that’s when you notice it. The carpet feels gritty. You look down at your carpet, and you notice that it is discoloured and dirty. Your carpets are a mess.

Ok, that story is entirely made up, and probably implausible. Who would go through all that work of renovation and forget an obvious thing like cleaning their carpets? But it’s a story that has a point. And that point is this:

Clean Carpets Help You Sell Your House.

Or perhaps the opposite is more true. Dirty carpets can spoil your chances of selling your house. Why is this? Because people make first impressions very, very quickly and it is very difficult to change those impressions.

A house with dirty carpeting feels dirty as a result, even if everything else is spotlessly clean. When someone enters your home and sees the dirty state of your carpets, they are immediately in the state of seeing dirtiness everywhere. Their first impression of your house is of uncleanliness. Your kitchen renovations, landscaping – all the work you’ve done to make the house look spectacular can all be for naught as they try to overcome that first impression – your carpets are dirty.

Clean carpets look fresh, and bring a freshness to the house. Dirty carpets look dull and you don’t want to walk on them, and this brings a negative feeling to the house.

Also, freshly clean carpets just smell great, and that’s important too, because you can renovate your house to your hearts content, but there’s one thing that’s very difficult to renovate away.

And that’s your smell.

Every house has a lived in smell. You probably don’t notice it, but that’s because it is your smell. We’re not saying the smell has to be bad (although, if you smoke a lot, eat baked beans by the bucketload, and your best friend, who spends most nights hanging around, is unironically nicknamed Stinky Pete, then the smell is bad.) The problem is, the smell says to the prospective buyer, ‘I live here, not you.’

A fresh carpet cleaning instead brings a different smell, the fresh smell of shampooed carpet, which is a smell that has far more positive connotations to your prospective buyer. It’s a smell that they readily attribute to freshness. It is more likely to be a smell that they like, and more instantly, they are in a more positive frame of mind. Their first impressions are that of positivity, and like negative first impressions, positive first impressions also take a lot of effort to change around.

So, don’t be so caught up in the property increasing activities like full renovations and landscaping, and forget the small details that show that the house has been cared for. Cleaning your carpets is a small detail, but it can make a huge impression on your prospective buyer’s mindset. So bring in the professional carpet cleaner experts to have a look at your carpets.

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How to prune your trees properly.

There comes a time when you need to get out the pruning tools to tidy up your trees. It’s reasonably easy to prune the smaller trees, but you need to call in the experts to deal with large trees.

You could damage your tree, and possibly yourself, if you don’t prune correctly. Here are some hints to help you.

To start with, don’t overlook the task of pruning. It is necessary, even if it is only done occasionally in a tree’s life. You could have branches going off in the wrong direction, perhaps getting entangled in another tree or even trying to force its way into your eaves. This has to be dealt with.

But don’t go overboard with your pruning. Don’t cut a branch off too close to the tree trunk. This might damage the bark on the tree, and also could lead to infection. And if twig-like sprouts appear, you will need to deal with those as well, as they could be sapping the tree’s energy and make it weaker.

There are right ways and wrong ways to prune branches, and if you want the job done right, call an expert, especially with big trees. You might want to cut off the large branches, but these have an important role to play in your tree’s health. If the branch Is so big that you can’t wrap your hands around the branch with fingers touching, cutting off the branch is not recommended. However the experts will know what to do and what not to do.

It is necessary to totally remove a tree that has outgrown the area it was planted in. There’s no point cutting it back, it will look ugly, and in time the problem will arise again.

Pruning bushes might seem an easier task, but you still need to plan ahead. Look at the bush, where it is in relation to other elements in the garden, and decide the best way to deal with it. Don’t go in headlong, cutting here, there and everywhere. The bush needs to finish up in a desired shape, whether nicely rounded, or fancily topiarised, and each pruning session is a step towards the final shape.

Your tools must be sharp. That should go without saying. Trying to prune with dull blades may tear the branches rather than a neat cut. Old blades could also be rusty, and a torn cut by a rusty, dirty blade might lead to disease in the plant, and injure the user.

Use your sharp, clean pruners to thin out the branches, so that sunlight can penetrate to stimulate growth deep into the bush. You don’t want to end up with a bush that has a thin leafy outer, and a skeleton of woody branches within.

Tree pruning mistakes can be noticeable. Be patient. Work methodically. If you’re not sure, research the particular plant and find out what you should do. If you make a mistake, you won’t be able to put the branch back and do it over. However practice makes perfect, and your skills will improve.

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What Clues Are There To Tell Your Gutters Are Blocked?

Most people don’t give their gutters more than a second thought; many don’t even give them a first thought. To most of us, gutters are just something that hangs on to the edge of the roof to direct water into the downpipe.

Which … is precisely what they are, of course. But most of us don’t understand why they are important.  They just move water from one place to the another. Big deal.

But it is a big deal when that process breaks down. Blocked gutters cause water to back up and spill over the gutter edges, and there are a couple things about water that makes it dangerous when it just sticks around.

Water is corrosive, and water is heavy. Water pooling on your roof causes rust and rot on your roof. The weight of water located in just one place causes stresses on your tiles. Both of these lead to roof leaks.

The weight of the water stuck in your gutters can cause your gutter to sag and break away from the roof, and the corrosive affects of water can be felt also when the water overflowing from your gutters pools at your foundations. Erosion of the land around your foundations could cause your foundation to shift, leaving behind large cracks.

So with all these big consequences of blocked gutters, how can we know whether our gutters are blocked without resorting to a ladder, a drone, or Google Map’s satellite view?

Are your gutters overflowing?

This seems a slap-the-forehead statement. Of course, the gutters might be blocked if the water is overflowing, but we’re not just talking about overflowing during big rain events, but during normal showers.

Sagging gutters.

We kind of spoiled our reveal of this tip earlier, but, yes, due to the weight of the water sitting in one place, it might cause the gutter to sag away from the roof. Gutters aren’t designed to support heavy weights for long periods of time; they are meant to move water from one place to another.

How popular are your gutters?

We’re not talking about the local cool kids here, we’re talking about how popular your gutters are to the local animal, insect and bird-life. Little rodents love the warm and safe confines of a blocked gutter to keep them hiding from predators.

Birds who are nesting see your blocked gutters as their local IKEA; they will take sticks and twigs and other vegetation back to their nests and come back again and again.

And then there are mosquitoes who just love standing pools of water as a breeding place.

Can you see plants growing from your gutters?

In primary school we were taught that plants need soil, water and sun to survive. For gutters, the sun will always be a factor, but soil and water will only exist if your gutters are blocked. So, if you see plants growing from your gutters, there has to be enough soil and water in your gutters to keep them sustained.

All it requires is for someone to come and clean your gutters of all this mess. While you could do it yourself, we would recommend you bringing in expert gutter cleaners in to do the job.

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The Horror Story That Is Your Carpets

Picture this. A Hollywood studio. A famous Hollywood producer is talking to one of his screen writers.

“We need a horror story. A really scary, pants-wetting, horror story.”

The screen writer furrows his brow and thinks. “I’ve got something. It’s a kind of monster story.”

“Oh, interesting. Is it scary?”

“It can be.”

“Tell me about the monster.”

“Well, ok. First thing. It’s the creepiest thing you’ve ever seen. It’s got eight legs, they’ve got these appendages coming out of the front of their head and long piercing sucking tube-like thingies …” The screenwriter shivers in disgust. “It’s just really creepy.”

“Ok, well, tell me more about them.”

“They eat human skin …”

The producer leans forward, dollar signs flashing in his eyes. “Now we’re talking …”

“And the mommy can lay 60 to 100 eggs …”

“That’s … ok, that’s a lot of eggs.”

“And they can excrete twice their body weight.”

“Excrete? As in …”

“Poop. Yeah. Twice their body weight. Every day.”

The producer sits back. “I don’t think people are going to like looking at all that poop.”

“Well, here’s the true horror. This is a real story. This monster exists. And he lives in this very room. He’s right here, right now.”

The producer looks around his room. Nervously.

“Under out feet,” the screenwriter says.

The producer looks down, at the plush white carpet covering his floor. He isn’t wearing shoes, as is his custom.

“In the carpet,” the screenwriter says.

The producer withdraws his feet in alarm.

The screenwriter nods, a little evil gleam in his eye. “They’re microscopic, these little monsters, and there could be millions of them down there, living off the cells and hair that fall from your body every day.”

The producer swallows. His mouth is very dry. “This … is true?”

“Absolutely. This is 100 percent a true story.”

The producer picks up his phone, calling his secretary. “Bring in a vacuum, Tracy. A powerful one.”

“A vacuum’s not going to do it,” the screenwriter says. “You see, vacuums only get to the top layers of the carpet fibre, but deep down in the carpet, that’s where your real horror story is being played out.”

“Forget the vacuum Tracy!” the producer yells. “Bring in the flamethrower. We’re gonna torch those little demons back to hell!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” the screenwriter says. “You don’t need to do that. You just need to bring in some professional carpet cleaners.”

“Carpet cleaners?”

“Yeah, their cleaning methods get right down deep into the carpet. They’ll get those tiny, little pooping vermin for you.”

The producer clears his throat. “Your son …”


“He owns a carpet cleaning company doesn’t he?”

“Why, yes! He does.”

The producer sighs. “Has this just been an ad to get me to use your son’s carpet cleaning services?”

“I … uh, I don’t know what you mean.”

“Get out!” the producer yells.

The screenwriter stands to his feet. He opens his mouth.

“Out …!”

The screenwriter nods and turns for the door.

The producer shakes his head, and puts his feet back to the carpet, feeling the luxurious caress of the carpet fibres in his toes.

A picture comes to his mind. It is of a tiny, microscopic monster, millions of them, in his carpet.

The screenwriter puts his hand on the door.

“On second thought,” the producers says, placing his feet on his desk. “Call your son for me. And see if Spielberg is available.”

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How to better organize your garage

There are various spaces in a house where people keep items stored. The spare bedroom, the home office, the hall cupboards, are some places where things (which most people might call “clutter”) are kept. But the most popular place in the house for clutter is the garage. The ultimate expression of garage clutter is the household’s vehicles needing to be parked out in the open because there is no room in the garage for them.

Why is it so?

Here are probably several reasons for the problem of garage clutter. But basically, the main reason is that you need space to store your “things”. You don’t really want to get rid of these things. What else would you do with the sailboard you used to take out on the bay on a regular basis? Even though that was a decade or two ago, and your body is not likely to allow you to do it again any time soon, you keep it as a memento of your youth. So the sailboard, and its associated paraphernalia, stay in the garage. There’s also the old TV that you inherited from your grandparents. Maybe it still works, maybe it doesn’t, but you keep it. Then there are the boxes full of childhood mementos. The tins of paint that may be needed some time in the future. Tools that probably should go into the garden shed, but end up dumped in the garage because it’s easier to put them there. Even old packaging – boxes, plastic, bubble wrap … We keep it in case we can use it again. But how often does that happen?

What can you do?

The bigger the garage, the more clutter there is. It seems to expand to fill the space available. So in order to give your vehicles the shelter they require, it is necessary to look over all the items in your garage with a rational, unsentimental frame of mind. And the first thing to do is to divide your garage into three sections, one for keep, one for give away, and one for disposal. Obviously, DISPOSAL is for the things that are broken, those cardboard boxes, the dried out paint tins … basically, things that you can live without, and that are no use to anyone else. The KEEP section is for those items that are extremely important – perhaps this includes the bicycles, the beach umbrellas, the outdoor games and picnic tables, even the Christmas tree and decorations. Everyone has a different set of “extremely important” things. And the GIVE AWAY section speaks for itself. The items are good enough to be used by someone else – clothes, furniture, etc.

The ultimate garage

This is an area that you can be proud to show your visitors. Think about the items you want to store, and what is the best way to put them away tidily. Think about the walls, and whether a set of shelves, large hooks, peg boards, and the like, can deal well with your bicycles, tools, and beach umbrellas. An internet search might give you ideas. Plastic storage boxes abound in the stores, and can be labelled with their contents. For best visual results, try to use the same size boxes. At the end of the day, and it might take you one day, or several, to reach the end of the day, you will have a garage that looks neat and tidy, and your car will be happy to live there.

Oh, by the way, there’s still that GIVE AWAY section to deal with, not to mention the DISPOSAL section. Charities are happy to receive, or they may pick up, items of furniture or good quality clothing, and if it is too difficult to get your pile of DISPOSAL disposed of yourself, look for the local rubbish remover to help you.

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Happiness is a Freshly (Pressure) Cleaned House

OK, that quote refers to cleaning up inside the house. But we are going to talk about cleaning up the outside of the house. Because that is just as important. Over the course of time, the building that protects you from the elements, starts to be affected by those same elements. Rain, sun, wind, dirt, trees, animals, birds, insects, all combine and conspire to produce a haze that continues to develop and eventually envelop the walls and roof of your property.

It is gradual, and sometimes escapes your notice as it is happening, but the build-up of grime and mould is ultimately detrimental to your property’s appearance.

The best way to fight against this build-up is to pressure clean the house surfaces. Start at the top and work down. This will rejuvenate your home, and perhaps even extend its life.

Mould attack

With the passage of time, a build up of moisture on exterior surfaces is likely to lead to the appearance of mould and grime. Mould will attack painted surfaces, and you are left with flaking paint (not a pretty sight) or even a bare surface. Paint protects your house’s skin from what wants to attack it.

Mould also causes harm to those inside the house – you and your family. Along with algae, dust mites, pollen, bacteria and fungus, it can accumulate on the house’s surfaces, and this could be harmful to health, especially those with breathing issues (asthma) or allergies. These toxic elements can be removed by pressure cleaning and the family’s health can be protected.

Increases value of property

A prospective purchaser is weighing up the pros and cons of two houses that are very similar. Things people look for are the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens that “work”, garages etc …. If there are two houses that meet all the criteria, but one is discoloured and dirty, with mould and moss, and the driveway has oil spills and other unknown stains, and the other is clean and sparkling, it is not difficult to work out which way the purchaser is going to go. Pressure cleaning can add value to your property.

Prepare for painting

If you’re going to paint your house or restore your roof, of course it has to be cleaned. It goes without saying that you don’t put clean clothes on a dirty body, you don’t put new wine in an old wineskin, and you don’t paint anything – roof, walls, paths – without cleaning them first. If you are going to paint and/or seal your driveway, power cleaning will help to prepare concrete surfaces.

A good looker!

You landscape your garden areas to make them look good. You like to look at a well designed outdoor area. So make your house, your patios, your fences, your pathways look clean, sparkly and inviting. Pressure cleanings like you get from the pressure cleaners on the Sunshine Coast are the best, most practical and even quickest way to achieve a good looking house that will attract attention.

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Can Your Gutters Increase Your Property Value?

The quick and confusing answer to this question is ‘no, but also very much yes’.

For those of you still reading this blog entry who don’t have a migraine, let’s try to unpack that statement. Can your gutters increase your property value?

Having Good Gutters Is Expected When Selling Your House

Here is why the answer could be ‘no’. There are certain things potential buyers expect from a home when they are inspecting it, and gutters in good proper working condition is one of them. Real Estate ads rarely ever said, ‘ Beautiful home, 4 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, large backyard, 2 car garage, and gutters that work’.

It’s expected.  You don’t go up to prospective buyers at an open house and say, ‘Hey, the gutters work properly, do you want to give me 10K more for the house?’ No, because having good gutters is expected for the house, in the same way a front door that locks is expected and a roof that stays on, is expected.

But here comes that all important ‘but’ …

Having Broken Gutters WILL Lower the Value of Your House

If your gutters don’t work, that could be a costly problem that you are trying to offload to a potential home buyer. Gutters are designed to get water off the roof of your house and down into the drainage system. If the gutters aren’t working properly, that water is not going where it is supposed to go.

Water can be destructive. Just ask the Grand Canyon. Over time, a block gutter can cause water to back up and pool over, both on to your roof, or down the side of your house to the foundation below.

Neither option is a good option.

It might seem strange to say, but water is bad for the surface of your roof. That’s why they are often slanted … to get the water off. Standing pools of water on your roof surface can, over time, cause your roof to rot in places, causing leaks to form and requiring expensive roof repair or roof restoration jobs to fix.

And water pouring down your walls and pooling at your foundations is also bad. The water can cause erosion to occur at your home’s foundations, will might cause the weakened foundation to subside, causing cracks to form. This is also an expensive thing to get fixed.

Final Verdict

So, that’s how we came to the final verdict.

No – having good gutters will not increase the sale price of your house, because they are things that every house buyers expects. They are not an optional extra, or a selling point, like a pool in the backyard,  air conditioning in all rooms of the house.

However, the answer is also ‘very much yes’, in the sense that having broken gutters will decrease the value of your house drastically. One good way of ensuring that your gutters are in good nick, is to bring in professional gutter cleaners like the professional gutter cleaners in Brisbane to clean your blocked up gutters. It is far less expensive to do that than do nothing and then need a roof restoration or replacement job.

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