The quick and confusing answer to this question is ‘no, but also very much yes’.

For those of you still reading this blog entry who don’t have a migraine, let’s try to unpack that statement. Can your gutters increase your property value?

Having Good Gutters Is Expected When Selling Your House

Here is why the answer could be ‘no’. There are certain things potential buyers expect from a home when they are inspecting it, and gutters in good proper working condition is one of them. Real Estate ads rarely ever said, ‘ Beautiful home, 4 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, large backyard, 2 car garage, and gutters that work’.

It’s expected.  You don’t go up to prospective buyers at an open house and say, ‘Hey, the gutters work properly, do you want to give me 10K more for the house?’ No, because having good gutters is expected for the house, in the same way a front door that locks is expected and a roof that stays on, is expected.

But here comes that all important ‘but’ …

Having Broken Gutters WILL Lower the Value of Your House

If your gutters don’t work, that could be a costly problem that you are trying to offload to a potential home buyer. Gutters are designed to get water off the roof of your house and down into the drainage system. If the gutters aren’t working properly, that water is not going where it is supposed to go.

Water can be destructive. Just ask the Grand Canyon. Over time, a block gutter can cause water to back up and pool over, both on to your roof, or down the side of your house to the foundation below.

Neither option is a good option.

It might seem strange to say, but water is bad for the surface of your roof. That’s why they are often slanted … to get the water off. Standing pools of water on your roof surface can, over time, cause your roof to rot in places, causing leaks to form and requiring expensive roof repair or roof restoration jobs to fix.

And water pouring down your walls and pooling at your foundations is also bad. The water can cause erosion to occur at your home’s foundations, will might cause the weakened foundation to subside, causing cracks to form. This is also an expensive thing to get fixed.

Final Verdict

So, that’s how we came to the final verdict.

No – having good gutters will not increase the sale price of your house, because they are things that every house buyers expects. They are not an optional extra, or a selling point, like a pool in the backyard,  air conditioning in all rooms of the house.

However, the answer is also ‘very much yes’, in the sense that having broken gutters will decrease the value of your house drastically. One good way of ensuring that your gutters are in good nick, is to bring in professional gutter cleaners like the professional gutter cleaners in Brisbane to clean your blocked up gutters. It is far less expensive to do that than do nothing and then need a roof restoration or replacement job.