Selling your house is tough work, and getting prepared to sell can seem like an unending parade of work and renovation. You might start with your kitchens; perhaps put in new cabinets and cupboards, refinish the kitchen bench top, change over to gas cooking, put in new flooring, and more. Then it might be the bathroom’s turn; new mirror, new shower and bathtub, new coat of paint and flooring.

On and on it goes. You re-paint the insides and outsides, you landscape the backyard, your bedrooms get remodelled, perhaps you knock down a wall to introduce more space. You are doing a lot of work, you’re putting in a lot of money, and finally you’re ready to sell.

The prospective buyer enters through the front door (recently re-painted, of course), and you’re excited to see what they think of all your efforts. They step into your living room, frown and wrinkle their nose, and immediately you know something’s not right. You continue showing them around the house, but you can tell that nothing you are doing is working. They are not interested, and they leave, still not interested.

What happened? You sit down on your couch, take off your shoes and put your feet on the carpet. And that’s when you notice it. The carpet feels gritty. You look down at your carpet, and you notice that it is discoloured and dirty. Your carpets are a mess.

Ok, that story is entirely made up, and probably implausible. Who would go through all that work of renovation and forget an obvious thing like cleaning their carpets? But it’s a story that has a point. And that point is this:

Clean Carpets Help You Sell Your House.

Or perhaps the opposite is more true. Dirty carpets can spoil your chances of selling your house. Why is this? Because people make first impressions very, very quickly and it is very difficult to change those impressions.

A house with dirty carpeting feels dirty as a result, even if everything else is spotlessly clean. When someone enters your home and sees the dirty state of your carpets, they are immediately in the state of seeing dirtiness everywhere. Their first impression of your house is of uncleanliness. Your kitchen renovations, landscaping – all the work you’ve done to make the house look spectacular can all be for naught as they try to overcome that first impression – your carpets are dirty.

Clean carpets look fresh, and bring a freshness to the house. Dirty carpets look dull and you don’t want to walk on them, and this brings a negative feeling to the house.

Also, freshly clean carpets just smell great, and that’s important too, because you can renovate your house to your hearts content, but there’s one thing that’s very difficult to renovate away.

And that’s your smell.

Every house has a lived in smell. You probably don’t notice it, but that’s because it is your smell. We’re not saying the smell has to be bad (although, if you smoke a lot, eat baked beans by the bucketload, and your best friend, who spends most nights hanging around, is unironically nicknamed Stinky Pete, then the smell is bad.) The problem is, the smell says to the prospective buyer, ‘I live here, not you.’

A fresh carpet cleaning instead brings a different smell, the fresh smell of shampooed carpet, which is a smell that has far more positive connotations to your prospective buyer. It’s a smell that they readily attribute to freshness. It is more likely to be a smell that they like, and more instantly, they are in a more positive frame of mind. Their first impressions are that of positivity, and like negative first impressions, positive first impressions also take a lot of effort to change around.

So, don’t be so caught up in the property increasing activities like full renovations and landscaping, and forget the small details that show that the house has been cared for. Cleaning your carpets is a small detail, but it can make a huge impression on your prospective buyer’s mindset. So bring in the professional carpet cleaner experts to have a look at your carpets.