OK, that quote refers to cleaning up inside the house. But we are going to talk about cleaning up the outside of the house. Because that is just as important. Over the course of time, the building that protects you from the elements, starts to be affected by those same elements. Rain, sun, wind, dirt, trees, animals, birds, insects, all combine and conspire to produce a haze that continues to develop and eventually envelop the walls and roof of your property.

It is gradual, and sometimes escapes your notice as it is happening, but the build-up of grime and mould is ultimately detrimental to your property’s appearance.

The best way to fight against this build-up is to pressure clean the house surfaces. Start at the top and work down. This will rejuvenate your home, and perhaps even extend its life.

Mould attack

With the passage of time, a build up of moisture on exterior surfaces is likely to lead to the appearance of mould and grime. Mould will attack painted surfaces, and you are left with flaking paint (not a pretty sight) or even a bare surface. Paint protects your house’s skin from what wants to attack it.

Mould also causes harm to those inside the house – you and your family. Along with algae, dust mites, pollen, bacteria and fungus, it can accumulate on the house’s surfaces, and this could be harmful to health, especially those with breathing issues (asthma) or allergies. These toxic elements can be removed by pressure cleaning and the family’s health can be protected.

Increases value of property

A prospective purchaser is weighing up the pros and cons of two houses that are very similar. Things people look for are the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens that “work”, garages etc …. If there are two houses that meet all the criteria, but one is discoloured and dirty, with mould and moss, and the driveway has oil spills and other unknown stains, and the other is clean and sparkling, it is not difficult to work out which way the purchaser is going to go. Pressure cleaning can add value to your property.

Prepare for painting

If you’re going to paint your house or restore your roof, of course it has to be cleaned. It goes without saying that you don’t put clean clothes on a dirty body, you don’t put new wine in an old wineskin, and you don’t paint anything – roof, walls, paths – without cleaning them first. If you are going to paint and/or seal your driveway, power cleaning will help to prepare concrete surfaces.

A good looker!

You landscape your garden areas to make them look good. You like to look at a well designed outdoor area. So make your house, your patios, your fences, your pathways look clean, sparkly and inviting. Pressure cleanings like you get from the pressure cleaners on the Sunshine Coast are the best, most practical and even quickest way to achieve a good looking house that will attract attention.